How TICC works

  1. Create tailored Conditions of Carriage, for example those that include a Fuel Escalator Clause, if you want to. You will have the option to convert any Conditions of Carriage that you created during your Free TICC Demonstration to real ones, available for you and your customers to use.

  2. Let your Customers know how they can see your Conditions of Carriage. You can do this in several ways:

    • Pass on your TICC Number; this can be entered at www.ticc.co.uk and your Conditions of Carriage will be shown.
    • TICC will give you a TICC Logo (which includes your TICC Number) which you can show on your stationery and website.
    • Send your Conditions of Carriage by email.
    • Publish your Conditions of Carriage on your website.
    • Print out your Conditions of Carriage and post them – just as you used to have to do!